Insulated Metal Panels - United States

Why Insulated Metal Panels

Kingspan insulated metal panel systems give you the design flexibility you need to see your unique vision realized. We offer a wide selection of innovative panel profiles and contemporary colors. Our portfolio of integrated windows, louvers, column covers, sunshades, and sunscreens present even more design possibilities. Our panels are easily integrated with one another and with traditional building materials to enable you to conceive a traditional design and achieve cutting edge thermal performance.

Insulated Metal Panels

Benefits of Insulated Metal Panels:

Web _R-Value High performance Sustainable Building Envelope - provides superior levels of thermal (R-value) and airtightness performance over the service life of the building.
Web _Design Flexibility Design Flexibility - multiple applications and design opportunities, accessories, trims, modules, etc.
Aesthetics - profiles, finishes, colors.
Web _Single Component Single Component - factory assembled, custom made architectural insulated metal panel.
Faster Build Speed of build - faster onsite installation time compared to traditional multi-part systems