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Increase Community Resilience through Building Codes and Standards

Building codes have long been set to provide the bare minimum requirements to adequately protect the health, safety and welfare of building occupants. On Monday, May 10th, the White House held a Conference on Resilient Building Codes in order to bring increased awareness to the important role of codes and standards in achieving a resilient nation. As part of the conference, the Administration highlighted Federal and private sector efforts aimed at advancing the principles of resilience in building codes and standards, and building design.

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Kingspan's Better Plants Annual Pledge for 2015

We have achieved our Better Plants goal of 25% improvement in energy intensity in just 4 years!

The U.S. Department of Energy’s goal to reduce energy intensity by 25% in ten years is in alignment with Kingspan’s global mandate to be Net Zero Energy by 2020. Each plant worked to reduce energy intensity by auditing current energy use and working through strategies to improve that base line. Equipment upgrades, lighting, building controls, and production line efficiencies are a few of the improvement areas.

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Wrap up from the Paris COP Climate Change meetings

A wrap up from the Paris COP Climate Change meetings. This past Saturday, 195 World leaders adopted a historic international climate accord in Paris.

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Promoting Clean Energy Solutions at “La Galerie” Trade Show

La Galerie Trade Show at COP21 in Paris.

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Dinner at the Hotel de Rothschild

Historic location for a formal dinner with key negotiators at the Paris COP21.

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