Insulated Metal Panels - United States

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Benchmark by Kingspan Façades

Benchmark by Kingspan is now offering a vast variety of architectural façades in conjunction with our KarrierPanel which is a universal barrier wall solution.

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The Art Gallery of Hamilton

The Art Gallery of Hamilton started a museum renewal in response to the deterioration of the gallery's concrete building envelope.

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Seattle Commercial Hanger Pursuing LEED Certification

Kingspan insulated panels are ideal for a commercial aviation hanger with a desire to pursue LEED Certification.

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Castle Square

The Castle Square Tenants Organization decided to perform a Deep Energy Retrofit on its complex. To qualify as a Deep Energy Retrofit, the renovation had to result in energy savings greater than 50 percent.

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We are Your Team!

Kingspan Insulated Panels features diverse panel solutions for all types of buildings. We feature walls, roofs and fire-rated materials to help customers design build and enjoy thermal efficient structures for the life of the building.

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