Kingspan Resources & Tools

Interactive Tool

Path To Net Zero»

Download the Kingspan Path to Net Zero application or view the Web-based Project Simulator. These pre-design tools give you energy and environmental performance data, such as your design's LEED potential or Energy Cost Savings.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)»

Kingspan's UL-certified, ISO compliant Environmental EPD cuts through all the greenwashing so you have third-party independently verified documentation of the environmental and energy impacts of the products in your design entry.

Download Product Literature & Technical Data »

Kingspan's online Resource Library & TechSource will give you access to the most up to date product literature, construction details, specifications, installation guides and technical information.

Case Study: Kingspan Holywell Headquarters»

Kingspan's U.K. headquarters is slated to reach Net Zero in 2014. It is the inspiration behind the Generation Kingspan competition and represents a superb example of an existing office and manufacturing plant—all built with Kingspan's IMPs. Read the Case Study...