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Today’s construction projects encompass a wide range of industries, functions, forms and performance. Each project’s external environment is generally exposed to a similar set of conditions as those in the same geographic area (humid, dry, coastal, etc), but what about the project’s internal environment? That internal environment of a building doesn’t receive as much fanfare as the exterior, but for certain industries (food storage, distribution, winery/brewery, etc) the internal environment is every bit as important if not more so than the exterior as it will affect the product, equipment, and materials stored within.
We’ve compiled information to help determine what type of internal environment your project will have based on its corrosiveness factor. The corrosive factor is determined by the presence of corrosive chemicals and/or micro-organisms in the internal atmosphere, relative humidity and also by the frequency of cleaning, aggressiveness of the cleaning agents, degreases and sanitizers and the method of cleaning.
Corrosiveness Factors
  1. C1 – Very Low: Dry environment with no attack from corrosive chemicals and / or micro-organisms. Routine cleaning (not more than once a month) using neutral cleaning agents.
  2. C2 – Low: Environment where condensation may occur, with no attack from corrosive chemicals and/or micro-organisms although the walls may occasionally be splashed with slightly corrosive liquids. Routine cleaning (not more than once a month) using neutral cleaning agents.
  3. C3 – Medium: Environment with frequently high humidity and where corrosive chemicals and / or micro-organisms are present. Non-intensive cleaning (not more than once a week) using higher pH cleaning agents.
  4. C4 – High: Environment with constant high humidity and where high concentrations of corrosive chemicals and/or micro-organisms are present. Intensive cleaning (not more than once a day) using higher pH cleaning agents (pH 5-9).
  5. C5 – Very High: Environment with permanent condensation and where high corrosive chemicals and / or microorganisms are present. Intensive cleaning (not more than once a day) using higher pH cleaning agents (pH 5-9).
Kingspan CleanSafe Coating Systems are designed specifically with cold storage environments in mind. Each coating system has specific properties that are best suited for different environments. It’s vitally important for the success of your project to consider the internal environment and what level of corrosiveness it will be subject to and to select the proper coating system to protect against that.

*Buildings may contain areas where different conditions apply & must be considered separately if they have different corrosive environments. This table is provided for general guidance only. For more information about the effects of various chemicals on the coating systems please contact your Kingspan Sales Rep or Kingspan Technical Services.
**The Owner of the project should be consulted on the application and use for washdown of the interior environment. That information should be passed along to the manufacturer prior to the finish selection process. Manufacturers have limitations for use in interior applications whereas the rate, application and concentration of chemicals used in wash down applications can’t be controlled or monitored by the manufacturer.

Posted on 4/16/2014 5:45:05 PM

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