Insulated Metal Panels - United States

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President, Joe Brash Discusses The Culture of Kingspan North America

When describing the Kingspan culture to a new employee I talk about the challenging fast paced environment in the cutting edge of insulated panel technology.

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Sports, Branding & The Kingspan Lion

The Kingspan logo on the electronic advertising boards caught my attention.Seeing the logo on national TV was fairly common in the UK and Ireland and I had forgotten how regularly I used to see our branding in so many different locations.

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4 Must-Know Tips about Panels

I often get asked similar questions about Insulated Metal Panels from architects and design professionals. These questions spurred me to offer ‘tips’

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Judging the Generation Kingspan Competition

It was a fantastic experience to discuss each entry with the other judges--as this will better the competition as we look forward to the 2014 Generation Kingspan Design Competition.

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Construct Canada – 2013

Many folks who came by the booth commented on the amazing shapes, sizes and, of course, the custom colors with which we powder coat the side lap reveals.

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