Insulated Metal Panels - United States

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Incorrect IMP Assumption

Can an insulated metal panel be used in an architectural application and be esthetically appealing and provide a highly energy efficient building envelope?

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GenK 2014: Designing for Calgary, Alberta

The 2014 competition is here! Generation Kingspan (GenK) is our annual student competition that reinforces sustainable design through the use of insulated metal panels.

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Inspiration From Alaska

The ease and speed of the Kingspan insulated metal panels installation system eliminated the need to enclose or heat the building during construction. For such a large-scale project as this, the Kingspan 300R Striated insulated metal panels proved to be the most efficient, cost-effective building solution possible.

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Background: Mosaic Village

A new dormitory was needed for student housing for Johnson C. Smith University of Charlotte, NC, and the musically historic West End District of Charlotte was in need of revitalization.

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Customer Service at Kingspan: A Strategic Priority! Le Service à la Clientèle Chez Kingspan: Une Priorité Stratégique!

A company that wishes to succeed in construction must excel in two important aspects: customer service and quality assurance.

Une entreprise qui veut avoir du succès dans le domaine de la construction doit exceller dans deux dimensions stratégiques importantes : le service après-vente et la qualité du produit.

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