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Increase Community Resilience through Building Codes and Standards

Building codes have long been set to provide the bare minimum requirements to adequately protect the health, safety and welfare of building occupants. On Monday, May 10th, Kingspan participated in the White House Conference on Resilient Building Codes in order to bring increased awareness to the important role of codes and standards in achieving a resilient nation. As part of the conference, the Administration highlighted Federal and private sector efforts aimed at advancing the principles of resilience in building codes and standards, and building design.

Alice Hill, Special Assistance to the President and Senior Director for Resilient Policy, White House National Security Council provided the opening remark. Members of the building industry were invited to attend to increase awareness to the important role of codes and standards in achieving resilience.

Part of the discussion was related to the disruption and interest from the insurance industry. Resilience in codes includes high performance buildings that can rebound from extreme weather as a result of climate change. The impacts of climate change - including temperature increase, extreme weather, rising sea levels, and severe drought- pose significant challenges for buildings and homes, many of which were not build to withstand the future impacts of climate change.

Incorporating Resilience into the building codes is also influencing energy codes moving to outcome based Performance Codes. Robert Ivy, EVP.CEO of AIA referred to their Preparing to Thrive: The Building Industry Statement on Resilience.

Posted on 5/11/2016 9:18:08 PM

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