Insulated Metal Panels - United States

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Hockey Night In Canada

Community involvement is a big part of The Kingspan Group. Currently Kingspan sponsors a minor hockey league team in Ontario.

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The 5-W’s of Generation Kingspan

Generation Kingspan (GenK) is in full progress now! You are probably curious about the who, what, when, where, and why of the competition.

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Training Future Leaders

So often, when an associate is great at his or her job, he or she may be moved up the ladder into a management role, but job skills and management skills are two completely different abilities!

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More Than One Way to Skin a Building

Imagine if the building envelope/facade was “living” and really smart so that, not only could it regulate “monitoring and controlling" functions but it could also “breathe and sweat” like our bodies.

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Social Voting? Get Me Involved!

GenK, the student design competition, is a socially-fueled competition with social voting and commenting!

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