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Kingspan - Our Heritage

With Kingspan receiving the distinctive honor of being named a Superbrand, we thought others may want to know a little more about Kingspan and our path to becoming this Superbrand!

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Cold Storage Panels as a Floor?

I was recently asked by a customer if they could use Kingspan Insulated Metal Panels as a cooler floor as an alternative to an insulated poured concrete floor. Albeit, I would like to sell IMP's on anything, one should always look at the standard care and merchantability of their products and sell responsibly within the parameters of their designed use.

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Kingspan Cold Storage Panels and Deardorff Family Farms

So often with cold-storage projects, function trumps form. We've all seen those boxy white refrigerated buildings dotting the landscape. Yet with the Deardorff building, design and performance were critical. Kingspan was able to provide a highly insulating cold storage product that was aesthetically pleasing and, more importantly, acceptable for municipal codes and performance levels established by the City of Oxnard in California.

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Hamilton Tiger Cats - 2015 Pan Am Soccer Stadium

What we have here is the brand new stadium for the Canadian Football League's (CFL's) Hamilton Tiger Cats. Set to open for the 2014 CFL season, the stadium will also be used as part of the 2015 Toronto PAN AM games for the sport of soccer. Cannon Design with respective offices in Toronto and Vancouver are the Architects on board. They have given Kingspan the complete two thumbs up with the proposal of using Insulated Metal Panels (IMP's) to clad the exterior of the press boxes, executive boxes and stair/elevator shafts.

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Cold Storage -- Sanitization

When designing with Insulated Metal Panels for use within food storage and processing facility, one must be fully aware of the uses of the facility and the sanitization practices of the Owner to provide the best level of finish and surface treatment for an easy to clean surface that repels bacteria and eliminates mold growth, retaining a sanitary environment. Knowing the design, layout and difference between and the separation of primary processing , ready to eat areas and freezer storage areas of the facility is paramount  in choosing  specific materials finishes for IMP's and creating a foodsafe environment for the facility and can withstand the cleaning and sanitation requirements of the facility.

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