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Caledon Achieves Harmony

Since I’ve been at Kingspan, one thing I’ve noticed is all decisions—big or small, about our facilities have been with sustainability as a core concept. Kingspan Group, our parent company, has taken this one step further by issuing a global mandate that all Kingspan buildings be operating at NetZero, by 2020, that our facilities will contribute as much energy as they consume. It’s this mandate has led us to work with Legend Power to reduce our energy consumption & carbon footprint at our Caledon facility.

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Join the Generation Kingspan Community

Generation Kingspan launched on August 5th, and once again there is a lot of interest! As a façade systems design competition we are enlisting current architecture students to dive into design with our Benchmark by Kingspan Façade Systems. This year, we are calling students to design an urban mixed-use building in Washington, DC. Designs will feature Benchmark by Kingspan Façade Systems utilizing Insulated Metal Panels (IMP’s) to highlight high performance, building envelope solutions.

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McMaster University - Humanities and Social Sciences Building

This is the brand new addition for McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. The building will service the Humanities and Social Sciences program. This build will be led by Toronto based award winning design firm CS&P Architects. Construction is scheduled to start this fall, with completion expected by 2015. The new building will also house a 350 seat concert hall, 150 black-box seat theatres and a 400 seat lecture theatre.

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Social Media in the Workplace

Most companies have a Social Media policy. This is for the protection of the company and your own protection believe it or not.

In most cases it is best to keep Social Media and your work-life separate. Facebook friends should be your personal friends and family. It is best to leave work out of it. Never, ever post anything degrading or mean towards your company or co-workers—either on your wall or on their wall. First of all, it could be held against you. Second of all it makes you look like you do not have anything better to do than to talk about your job or co-workers. If you do need to talk about work remember to state that it is your opinion and never, ever post any confidential information.

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The Kenworth Truck Dealership

The Kenworth Truck Dealership is a current project in Leduc, Alberta, just south of Edmonton. The project itself will be located close to the Edmonton International Airport which will be fantastic in terms of traffic, given that the project will be a certain show case.

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