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Selling is Like Fishing- We All Want the Big Catch

I recently had the opportunity to go fly fishing with some clients this weekend in some really good water in Colorado. It was very enjoyable as well as fulfilling particularly when we started landing  nice sized rainbow trout. Landing this fish took a careful and meticulous approach, a great presentation and patience. As I was contemplating my next blog, I could relate this experience to trying to land the big sale, if too aggressive or fish the same spot too long or have a clumsy cast, my luck would soon run out or the fish would soon be annoyed at my presence. There was no shortage of hits, missed sets and snapped lines, but if I wasn't persistent, I wouldn't have caught a great fish a photo to show of it.

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Psssst…KINetic by Kingspan is Almost Here!

There are times-in any type of business, where sharing ideas, along with collaborating and corresponding on projects allows for thoughts and ideas in a new and exciting way! Introducing KINetic™--by Kingspan Insulated Panels, a new, architectural specific social media platform!  

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