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Continuing Education Opportunities with Kingspan

Staying up to date on the latest industry trends and innovations is the best way to make sure you and your company are staying ahead of the competition. Whether you're looking to expand your knowledge of a growing building envelope solution, you need additional credits, or both, Kingspan has a large number of CEU programs tailored for whatever you are looking in order to stay up to date and ahead of the curve.

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Kingspan Environmental Product Declaration

Kingspan is the global leader in the manufacturing of insulated metal panels for commercial building exteriors. For this reason we have logically, ethically, and commercially compelling reasons to offer energy efficient products.

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Employees at Kingspan Get Actively Involved in Moving To Net Zero

New concepts in building design are becoming known as "Net Zero energy."  What is Net-Zero? It's the ability a building has to be "energy neutral," meaning the building produces enough of its own power so that it does not consume energy from the grid. A crucial element in reaching this standard is energy savings and efficiency which is also part of Kingspan's sustainability vision.

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The Need for Cold Storage Insulated Metal Panels

When I was first assigned to the Cold Storage Division, I must admit I had a myopic view of the segment. There was a standing joke within the company that if a project had a Soda Machine in it, I'd try to claim it as Cold Storage. That is a testament that most people associate Cold Storage as a reach-in cooler or freezer but this is quite the contrary.  Kingspan Insulated panels and partition panels are suitable for use within temperature controlled, hygiene safe, and controlled atmospheric environments such as food storage and processing, coolers, freezers and clean rooms.  The easy to clean surface repels bacteria and eliminates mold growth, retaining a sanitary environment that is of utmost importance.

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Sustainable Thinking

Sustainability and 'green' efforts are no longer limited to elitist circles, but now these principles have been picked-up by the mainstream media and are only increasing traction. Sustainable concepts are embraced in a variety of sectors from social justice efforts of non-profits, to corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts of corporate circles, to the 'greening' of the automotive industry with electric cars, etc.

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