Insulated Metal Panels - United States

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PIR vs PUR what’s all the foam about?

There is quite a discussion in the marketplace of late regarding PIR vs PUR foam systems used in Insulated Metal Panels, particularly interest in to insurability, fire performance and structural performance of each.

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The Kingspan Global Advantage

This May, we had the opportunity to host a delegation of 14 investors from the nation of Uzbekistan and one individual from Pakistan at our Deland facility. These gentlemen were part of a study group in conjunction with the World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO)/Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA). Kicking-off their time in the states, they attended the IARW-WFLO Convention in Hollywood, FL exploring industrial cold storage insulated building panels and learning about the American cold storage industry.

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Preparing the Next Generation to Lead Kingspan

Kingspan North America has developed a new program. We call it our Keystone Development Program. You may wonder why we named this program Keystone. A Keystone is actually the final piece placed during the construction of an archway. This keystone locks all the stones into position and allows the arch to bear weight. We feel this is a fitting name for the program since the future of Kingspan North America lies in the skill and experience of our associates.

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Kingspan KS45 SL for Cold Storage

Everyone is looking for an advantage these days and that holds true to the performance and installation cold storage partition walls. As the technology improves in the manufacture and design of cold storage panels, the benefits of developing a high performance partition panel that can span full height to structure, is thermally superior and installs faster are all the reason to use the Kingspan KS45 SL cold storage panel for cooler and freezer walls in lieu of 42" or 40".  Globally accepted and part of many project guidelines, Architects and Contractors are turning to Kingspan KS45SL as manufactured by Kingspan Insulated Panels- North America.

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Conversion to Kingzip

Here at Kingspan there has always been a very large push to convert traditional types of construction to Insulated Metal Panels.  Specifically, we see a large number of opportunities with Insulated Metal Panels for roof systems.  The square footages are typically greater in the roof than in the walls, so obviously it makes sense to go after that portion of the project.  In the US the majority of panels seem to be an accepted solution for the walls.  Why not the roof?

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