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Announcing GenK 2012 iPad 2 Winner

How did we choose our iPad winner? We used the old school method of putting ten pieces of paper in a hat, each piece of paper marked with an entry ID number. We had one person mix and shake the papers and another person with eyes shut, put their hand inside the hat and withdrew one slip of paper.

And the winner is…

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Will Open Online Crits Replace Real-Life Crits

Online design competitions such as Generation Kingspan are evolving: Design competitions are now offering not only a place to display a design but also offer comment areas. These allow architecture professionals and fellow students alike to contribute their insights, suggest possible solutions includingintroducing new elements that might improve a student entrant's design. In a sense, the online competitions are offering some of the features of the traditional critical design review.

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7 Tips to Win an Online Voting Competition

The Generation Kingspan 2012 Student Architectural Design Competition will recognize winners in both a judged competition and an online voting competition . The judged competition is as straightforward as it gets. The entries will be judged according to how they have creatively met the requirements and parameters for the basis of design. The online voting competition may seem simple yet it's not. Just because an entry has been posted, it doesn't mean people will find it, let alone vote for it.

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Enter Generation Kingspan Early and Win an Apple iPad 2

First ten entrants to Generation Kingspan 2012 will be eligible to win and Apple iPad 2.

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