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Welcome to the First Blog from the Kingspan Commercial and Industrial Team

It's been a very busy first half of the year and Kingspan continue to drive the message of Envelope First™ within the construction industry, a message that has been very well received. Insulated Metal Panels (IMP's) are commonly recognized for their ability to better insulate our buildings, whether new or retrofit and continue to gain popularity as the construction industry rises to meet the demands of more energy efficient buildings.

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GenK: Why Early Entries Have a Better Chance of Winning

If you've entered design competitions in the past, this one may take you a bit by surprise.

After all, don't many design geniuses procrastinate and hand in assignments at the last minute? Don't some extremely talented people nurture their inner architect until, the deadline time approaching, they go into a sweating panic?  And then, and only then, there springs an upwelling of divine inspiration?

Unfortunately,  procrastination isn't really an advantage in this competition.

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