Insulated Metal Panels - United States

Insulated Wall Panels, Roof Panels, and Industrial Cold Storage Products

Kingspan insulated walls, roofing panels, and cold storage products provide aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, cost-effective building envelope solutions serving the architectural, commercial & industrial, and cold storage markets. Our insulated metal wall panels, metal roof systems, and cold storage products feature superior assembled R-value, unsurpassed airtightness, and exceptional moisture and vapor drive management. Insulated metal panels as single component insulated metal wall system increases speed of build because they minimize delays and the need for multiple trades. Because they use different materials, such as insulated steel and insulated aluminum,  foam insulated panels for metal wall systems, roof panels, and cold storage panel products are able to fit every building application.


Insulated Walls, Roof Panels, and Cold Storage by Product Line

Benchmark Architectural
benchmark-architectural.jpg Kingspan Benchmark is more than a structural insulated wall panel system. It is a building envelope solution that can be tailor-made for custom, out of the ordinary projects. Innovation through...

Insulated Roofs and Walls
commercial-Industrial.jpg Kingspan insulated metal wall and roof systems offer superior R-values with unparalleled thermal performance during service life, all built-in to a single off-site, factory assembled insulated panel....

Cold Storage
cold-storage.jpg Kingspan's insulated panels for cold storage are ideally suited for thermally controlled environments such as cold rooms, freezers, food processing and packing facilities. Kingspan insulated....