Insulated Metal Panels - United States

Cold Storage Wall Panels

The necessity to maintain the proper temperature in cold storage systems proves to be a challenge for some.Kingspan has strategic cold storage systems solutions: cold storage wall panels that provide superior thermal performance, reduced air leakage, and faster build times.

Cold Storage Wall System Features and Benefits

  • High R-Value - Cold Storage Systems provide levels of thermal (R-value) and airtightness performance over the service life of the building. The insulated panels for cold rooms are exterior of the building structure to provide the best thermal envelope by reducing thermal bridging typical of cavity wall systems.

  • Tested & Approved - All cold storage wall systems have been extensively tested for compliance with various industry standards and building safety codes.

  • Energy Efficiency - Cold Storage Wall Systems have a core of continuous, rigid insulation for industry leading R- and U- values with superior airtightness performance.

  • Indoor Environmental Quality - Cold Storage Walls help ensure a stable interior environment.

  • Eased Construction - All cold storage systems are simple to detail and attach, reducing schedules and installation errors.

  • Life-Cycled Benefits - Cold Storage Walls last as long as the service life of a typical commercial building. The durable metal panels also reduce operational costs for energy maintenance and offer multiple end-of-life reuse options.

  • Building Certification and Green Targets - Cold Storage Systems contribute to LEED certification programs and the path to Net-Zero Energy.

USDA and CFIA Accepted Insulation Panels for Cold Rooms

The necessity to maintain the proper temperature in cold storage systems proves to be a challenge for some. Whether the client needs cold storage freezers and coolers or a food processing and packing facility, regulatory compliance will be a top priority. USDA and CFIA accepted cold storage walls reduce regulatory risk.

Insulation Panels for Cold Rooms Built for Real-World Performance

Help your clients avoid risk associated with issues such as temperature control, hygienic control and pressure differential control. Increase speed of build by up to 50% with our unrivaled single component system for cold storage walls.

Kingspan’s Cold Storage Walls Strengthen Your Sustainability Efforts

Our insulation panels for cold rooms can reduce building energy use by 30%. Exceptional thermal and airtight engineering reduces a building’s operational energy demand and carbon footprint. Help clients move toward LEED certification and Net-Zero Energy goals.