Insulated Metal Panels - United States

Metal Roof and Wall Systems

Commercial Roof and Wall Panels That Combine Design Flexibility, Efficiency, and Performance to Create the Ultimate Single Component Roof and Wall System

Kingspan commercial metal roof and wall systems offer superior energy efficiency, while offering a stylish look for the commercial construction sector.

How can an metal roof and wall panel system meet all the demands of your project?

Every project comes with challenges. designers have always confronted the standard issues of visual appearance, budget and project deadlines. The modern facility now emphasizes building performance, environmental stewardship and a greater focus on budget.

Kingspan offers a variety of technically commercial wall panels and roof systems to help overcome the obstacles of modern building design and construction.

  • Design Flexibility
  • Vertical and horizontal wall applications
  • Multiple profiles, finishes and color options
  • Trimless ends and cover widths
  • Easily integrated with traditional construction methods and building systems
  • Efficiency
  • Faster close-in and dry-in for reduced building costs.
  • Single component roof and wall systems reduce labor time and construction waste
  • Reduces need for multiple trades
  • Performance
  • Tested R-values of 7.2 per inch
  • Thermal envelope reduces thermal bridging typical of cavity wall systems
  • Excellent foam-to-foam contact provides unbroken thermal shield