Insulated Metal Panels - United States


Sustainable Design Begins with the EnvelopeFirst™

Kingspan's EnvelopeFirst™ is a design strategy for optimizing a building's performance and the first step towards net-zero energy. The building envelope and energy conservation measures must be designed to optimize performance in order to achieve the net-zero energy targets of the DOE Commercial Building Initiative.

The EnvelopeFirst™ approach to design focuses on enclosure performance, including durability, airtightness, and better moisture and thermal control.

Envelope First

The Green Benefits of IMPs

Testing and field results show that insulated metal panels (IMPs) contribute to sustainability and energy efficiency in a variety of ways. Among the most noteworthy:

  • Energy efficiency. IMPs have a core of continuous, rigid insulation for industry leading R- and U- values with superior airtightness performance.
  • Indoor environmental quality. IMPs help ensure a stable interior environment.
  • Recycled and Recyclable. The exterior skins contain a substantial amount of recycled content, and the panels themselves are recyclable.
  • Recycled, low-weight materials. Made with recaptured metals, IMPs weigh only 3 pounds per square foot, reducing transport and installation energy.
  • Ease of installation. IMPs are simple to detail and attach, reducing schedules and installation errors.
  • Life-cycle benefits. IMPs last as long as the service life of a typical commercial building. The durable panels also reduce operational costs for energy and maintenance, and offer multiple end-of-life reuse options.
  • Building certification and green targets. IMPs contribute to LEED certification programs and the path to net-zero energy targets.